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Associate Trainer Program

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Program Information

Check here all you need to know about the Associate Trainer Program.

Main Advantages & ‘Giveaways'

  • International recognition as a qualified trainer (AT). It is your professional path to the training profession.
  • An Internationally Endorsed Certificate.
  • The IBCT Training License Card.
  • The right to use the IBCT Associate Trainer (AT) Hallmark in all printed and virtual matters.
  • Listing your name & credentials to the international ‘AT’ Directory on the IBCT website.
  • Enjoying a one year of eCoaching.
  • Access to the IBCT LinkedIn professional group.

What to expect

Program Study Load

The study load of the IBCT Train-The-Trainer program, the Associate trainer level is a mixture between intensive high-energy face-to-face sessions and loads of self-study and home assignment.

Contact Hours

Self-study & Assignments

Associate Trainer: Program's Information

Who Should Attend
  • New Potential Trainers (freelance and/or corporate)
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Experienced trainers who have not had formal education in training.
  • Experienced trainers who want to enhance & standardized their didactic skills.
  • Experienced trainers who want to get licensed by IBCT.
Program Eligibility & Admission Requirements
  • College education and/or > 5 years work experience
  • Average English & IT skills
  • Passing the admission interview
Program Training Objectives
  • Discuss the concept of training and development and its importance as an investment.
  • Realize training as a profession.
  • Manage the main cornerstones of the training process.
  • Discuss the main outlines of instructional design principles for corporate trainers
  • Manage the elements of the training environment
  • Decide on and apply the suitable didactic methods that best achieve training goals.
  • Deal properly with difficult and challenging behaviors.
  • List the professional trainer competencies and responsibilities.
  • Design and present effective training PowerPoint presentations.
  • Recognize the value of the individual difference in the training context.
  • Appreciate the role of training and development in achieving corporate goals.
  1. Training & Development: A Closer Look
  2. Managing Training Environment
  3. Basic Instructional Design & Didactic Methods
  4. Training as a Career
  5. Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  6. Presentation Skills for Trainers
Program Evaluation & Attendance Policy

The program is evaluated according to the first and second levels of the Kirkpatrick model per run.

  • Evaluation: customer satisfaction and learning results (know-how and skills).
  • The number of participants of each run should be ranged between 12-16 participants.
  • Examination:
    • 100% attendance obligated
    • Pass the tests with min. 55%
    • One re-examination attempt within 6 months
Grading System

IBCT TTT examination encompasses three main sections:

  • 20% for participation, Attitude & Motivation
  • 40% for the achievement written exam
  • 40% for a micro-training session

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