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Connect as a Train The Trainer

Being an IBCT Certified Partner

Are you ready for the champion’s league?

At the IBCT, we have flexible partnership programs that are ideal for seasoned and senior corporate trainers who can lead and train other trainers by example by demonstrating the highest quality standards in training and sustainable human resource development.

Train-the-trainer programs without developing

If you are interested in expanding the product portfolio instantly with train-the-trainer programs and increasing your revenues multi-fold without the time-consuming development then you are at the right place! We can share our programs, materials, tests and even train your train-the-trainers. Save time on preparing courses and access the best training materials available. Our resources have been compiled by experts and grounded in a validated role-competency model that shows the trainer skills of the future, today.

Cooperate as an IBCT Focal Point

Do you like to organize and host IBCT train-the-trainer programs in your training center? We like to team up with your organization and excellent training facilities. If you host, we share our senior train-the-trainers, standards, materials test and certificates. A ‘win-win’ that combines the best of two partners.

Rubberstamp your train-the-trainer program

Certifying your train-the-trainer programs means your courses are associated with our global network – giving them a mark of prestige and a guarantee of quality. Graduates are entitled to use the certification degree after their name, are exempted from the strict certification exam, and receive an extra IBCT certificate.

Being an IBCT Certified Partner

Depending on what option you choose, as our partner, you will

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