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IBCT Worldwide headquarters

International Board of Certified Trainers


Erik Boshuizen, M.Ed., CT/HRDC, Director

– PO Box 12084, 3004 GB – Rotterdam – Netherlands
– Phone  +31 (0)10 3400 116 
– E-mail: info@ibct-global.com
– Website: www.ibct-global.com

David J. Rudd M.Ed, CT/HRDC, Director

– Phone: +1 571-344-4116
– Email: info.usa@ibct-global.com
– E-mail:  djdave1214@gmail.com 

– Website: www.ibct-global.com

Ahmed Metwally, Ph.D., CT/HRDC, Director

– Phone: +2-01223652101
– Email: info@ibct-mena.com
– E-mail:  ahmed@ibct-mena.com
– Cairo, Egypt
– Website: www.ibct-mena.com

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Here are the most frequent questions we keep receive from our clients. For more questions, please visit our FQA page.


What are train-the-trainer programs provided by IBCT?

IBCT provides a multi-level international TOT Program. These levels as follows:

  • Associate Trainer (AT)
  • Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)
  • Internationally Certified Trainer & HRD Consultant (CT/HRDC)
  • Tailor-made educational role/competence programs for training and talent development professionals.
Where can I attend the IBCT Train-The-Trainer programs?

Our Train-the-trainer programs mainly held in IBCT Certified Training Centers, IBCT Certified Train-the-Trainer partners and could be also held on the customer site after the approval of the IBCT for the training facilities. IBCT Train-the-Trainer partners and Focal Point are spread over multiple continents, check our partners’ page.


How can I certify my training center?

A Training Center can be certified through the following steps:

  • The Requesting Institution (RI) applies showing its interest in certifying its Training Centers.
  • IBCT provides the RI with a checklist showing the certification standards and requirements.
  • The Training Center of the RI starts working on the checklist.
  • After getting the certification requirements ready by the training center, the RI informs IBCT that the Center is ready for certification audit visit.
  • IBCT experts pay an international audit visit for the training center to check and write a report about the extent of the availability of the certification requirements.

Having completed the comments of IBCT experts and reviewers become satisfied, IBCT will issue an accreditation certificate after paying the certification fees.

Visit our center certification page to know more.

How much is the fee to certify my training center?

The Center Certification fee varies according to several factors. Please note that IBCT in a not-for-profit foundation and requires the running costs only for its certification services.  please contact us to get more details.

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    Center Certification Steps

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