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IBCT is the World’s leading  Certification Provider in Training & HRD

The International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) was originally founded in 1988 as a professional association in the United States. Currently, our headquarters are in the Netherlands and we are acting under the Dutch and European law. IBCT is aiming to continuously improve the profession of training and talent development and its public perception. We achieve that by developing and disseminating professional HRD standards, conducting the world’s best train-the-trainer programs and offering state-of-industry certification services. We have regional headquarters and train-the-trainer partners spread over the world.
We are a not-for-profit foundation. As the first certification body in the field of corporate training and workplace learning industry, we offer certification that focuses on sustainable human resource development. Our train-the-trainer programs, exams, and certification audits are the most comprehensive, the most thorough and the most respected around the world.
We develop and apply the state-of-the-art standards for certifying trainers, training centers and training packages; and we strictly apply them. We provide our clients with distinguishable certification services at the highest quality in the market. Our Services are globally perceived as an opportunity to learn and grow and as an international acknowledgment.
Our certification standards are the most trusted ones across the globe and our quality hallmarks are to become a global beacon and leading the industry.
The main goal of the IBCT is to assure to the public that trainers, HRD and talent professionals possess the ethical standards and the professional competences and are qualified to practice.
Trainers should not be allowed to train until they get prepared for practice.

Years of Experience

Happy Clients

IBCT Trainers

Our Main Certification Services

We Certify the Major Training Elements that impact training result, i.e., Trainers, Training Packages & Training Centers

Certifying Trainers

Become a Certified Trainer!

We offer the world’s best train-the-trainer programs. Get certified and stand out from the crowd.

Certifying Training Centers

Get your Center Internationally Recognized!

Centers are audited versus 5 main criteria that are consequently divided into 40 sub-criterion.

Certifying Training Packages

Certify your Training Materials and lead the market!

Our certification is a guarantee to attract more international clients and get the best training impact.

We Certify Trainers at three levels

Via a World-Class Multi-Level train-the-trainer Program

The Basic Level

The Professional Level

The Expert Level

TTT: Associate Trainer

Six intensive Training Sessions:

  1. Training & Development: A closer Look
  2. Managing Training Environment
  3.  Basic Instructional Design & Didactic Methods
  4.  Training as a Career
  5.  Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  6.   Presentation Skills for Trainers

  • Didactic Skills 85% 85%
  • Adult Education 20% 20%
  • Program Design & Development 15% 15%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 10% 10%
  • Strategic HRD 5% 5%
TTT: Professional Trainer

Ten intensive Training Sessions:

  1. Training Styles
  2.  Professional Trainer’s Roles
  3.  Attitude Formation (Advanced)
  4.  Attitude Change (Advanced)
  5.  Personality’s Styles for Trainers
  6.  Motivation for Trainers
  7.  Group Dynamics for Trainers
  8.  Training Evaluation
  9.  Advanced Learning Styles
  10. Advanced Adult Learning

  • Didactic Skills 95% 95%
  • Adult Education 70% 70%
  • Program Design & Development 65% 65%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 85% 85%
  • Strategic HRD 25% 25%
TTT: Certified Trainer

Program Major Competencies:

  1.  Project management: transferring learning to organizational results.
  2.  Organizations & corporate training programs.
  3. Organizational adult learning.
  4. Company scans & training needs assessment.
  5. Program development.
  6. Transfer of training & on-the-job coaching.
  7. Evaluation and impact assessment.
  8. Examination session: defending your HRD improvement plan.

  • Didactic Skills 100% 100%
  • Adult Education 100% 100%
  • Program Design & Development 100% 100%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 100% 100%
  • Strategic HRD 95% 95%

Why Should I Get Certified?

There are many reasons to pursue certification. Find yours!

Why certification? The following is the result of a well-known survey study of more than 3,340 respondents answering this question.

47% reported a career advance!

Out of 3,340 respondents

47 percent of the surveyed certified training professionals report a career advance as a result of being certified within 24 months.

54% reported a better income!

Out of more than 3,340 respondents

The Journal reports that certified trainers and talent professionals earn 20% percent higher than their peers that are not certified.

91% reported their skills have improved!

Out of 3,340 respondents

Out of more than 3,340 respondents, 91 % of surveyed respondents from IBCT train-the-trainer programs reported that they have confidence in applying the new know-how and skills in their jobs. Many testify that the IBCT train-the-trainer program was a “game changer” in their career.

97% reported that they got preferably hired!

Out of 3,340 respondents

97% of respondents agreed that industry certifications were preferred during the hiring process, in both new hire and internal employee placement scenarios. Certification provides status & gives employers a benchmark/standards for measuring employees’ performance.

The Value we Add to our TTT partners

How we Empower our Train The Trainer Partners to Lead the Market

Recently, the Board agreed on authorizing our partners to deliver

our TTT programs & provide them with the followings

Train-The-Trainer Packages

We provide our Train-The-Trainer partners with the state-of-the-industry training packages.

Trainers' Development

We produce tools & assets to develop IBCT trainers, e.g. self-development videos, infographics and a lot more.

Certificates, Badges & License

We provide our TTT partners with international certificates, badges, trainers’ proud pins & licenses.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide the actual know-how & external examiners. We monitor performance & provide feedback.

Brush up your know-how, Upskill & Reskill yourself & your team for free

Keep yourself and your training team job fit by following up our free educational resources.

Educational Videos

Our education department develops many video series that target hot issues in training & HRD.


We produce lots of educational infographics that wrap up several must-know knowledge for trainers.

Blog Articles

We periodically publish blog articles by the top-notch authors in the field of training and talent development.

What our Partners & Trainers Say about Us

What our graduated trainers, clients & partners say about our certification services

Attending the post-graduate course “IBCT Certified Trainer” with IBCT (17 years ago!) was a very good choice in my career. As a manager, I learned that many managers are too busy with controlling spreadsheets and ‘try to let the grass grow faster by pulling it’. How to develop, coach and train people I learned with the IBCT. From strategic education, transfer of training, didactic skills and more were a part of this train-the-trainer program. I recommend the program!

Michel Van De Pas

Management Trainer, College Teacher and Entrepreneur, Netherlands

Building Qualified Trainers in Asia with High Standards by IBCT

Dr. Surachai

Director, StepPlus-Training & Consulting, Thailand.

The IBCT train the trainer training was a very positive experience for our entire team. It gave us new perspectives on creating learning programs; by starting with strong objectives, using the ABCD method, or knowing your audience and their stage of learning, as well as potential cultural differences, when developing learning.

Steve Martin

Technical Curriculum Developer, Hyster-Yale Group, North Carolina – United States

The IBCT certification has given me the confidence needed to walk into training with senior leaders knowing that I’d be seen as credible because of it

Paulette D. Arthur

AT, Senior Facilitator, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank - Bahamas - United States

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