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Certification of Trainers

What is it? Why Certification? Levels of IBCT Certification


What is IBCT

Certification for Trainers and Talent Development Professionals?

IBCT Certification is a long-term career commitment that demonstrates your dedication, credibility and your level of mastering the training and HRD competencies to your bosses, clients, staff members and professional peers across the globe. IBCT Certification provides clear evidence of the investment you have made in your Training and Talent Development career and represents a concrete milestone in the profession.

To become an IBCT certified Trainer, you must meet strict international standards, professional practice, and educational requirements before earning our certificates and licenses of practice.

To keep your certification status valid, you must stay current in the Training and Talent Development profession and recertify every three years.

IBCT prepares, educates, qualifies, and certifies candidates via a multi-level, state-of-the-industry Train-The-Trainer program. Our world-class program comprises three subsequent levels. These levels represent the extent to which graduates are mastering the Training and Talent Development competencies. Certification levels are Associate Trainer (AT), Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) and Certified Trainer and Human Resources Development Consultant (CT/HRDC). You display your certification status and level by putting the credential after your name.

Our Master Train-The-Trainer Trainers

Our master TTT trainers are the most inspiring, passionate and committed trainers you can ever meet! They will train and qualify you as a professional trainer via an exceptional training experience every time. Their only role is to get you ready to pleasantly explore and experience the real world of being a professional trainer. Our high standards for quality and service speak for themselves—our trainees always score our master TTT trainer, on average, a rating of 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Our Unique Approach, The IBCT Way!

Our Multi-level Train-The-Trainer program is highly participatory. You’ll have the best opportunity to explore real-life issues and practice new skills via individual, pair, and group training activities. We believe that the most beneficial elements of our training approach are your opportunities to perform and practice new skills and receive instant and constructive feedback.

  • You should expect a high-content, intensive involvement and high-energy training.
  • We will standardize your performance versus our international standards via comprehensive checklists, indicators, questionnaires, guidelines, worksheets, and samples to provide you with tangible guidance in mastering the targeted competencies.
  • We draw special attention to forming and changing participants’ attitudes to assure the right practice of the newly acquired skills in their workplaces.
  • The focus and efficiency you gain from the program will be equivalent to tens of years of experience in the field.

In short – IBCT way is to practice it rather than talk about it.


Our Exceptional Training Package

Our Train-The-Trainer training package is drawn out of more than 30 years of experience in developing state-of-the-industry standards for qualifying professional trainers. Our international standards are based on well-documented, widely-accepted, and highly-cited research studies and proven principles of adult learning.

Why Get Certified ?!

Why would someone that’s been working for a company even bother to get certified? What if they already have a college degree and have been working for a number of years for that one employer? Well! Here are some points to consider.

Advance your career

It will advance your training and talent development career.


You will be rebranded as a better version of yourself.

job fit

It will guarantee to stay job fit


It will grant you professional credentials.

skill current

It will confirm that your skills are current.

Better hiring chance

You will become preferred during the hiring process.

achieve more

You will achieve more in less time

change agent

You will be considered as a change agent by your employers.


It will lead you to more career opportunities.


Individuals taking certification exams have to demonstrate approximately the same level of knowledge, skill, and positive attitude.

better income

It’s a guarantee to increase your income

international recognition

You will gain international acknowledgment and respect

value to your staff

Certifying employees shows your customers that your company holds its staff to the highest standards and, most importantly, encourages continuous learning.


It will demonstrate your initiative to continuous development.

Job Promotion Pitch

63% of managers in a well-known study reported that the certified individuals a more favored to receive an early promotion.

Our Certification Levels for Trainers 

The International Board of Certified Trainers offers 3 levels of trainers’ certification to cover you throughout all of your career stages. We qualify and certify trainers via our multi-level state-of-the-industry train-the-trainer program.

Certified Trainer

This is the third and highest level, the most advanced one, of the IBCT Training of Trainers levels. It’s a diploma in HRD. The main goal of this expert level is to enable program graduates to fully contribute to design and develop corporate training programs, Plan and conduct training transfer actions.

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