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What Participants Say about our TOT Programs

We present here few samples of participants' testimonials and feedback!

We have had an astonishing journey of preparing, qualifying and certifying trainers since 1989. Here’s a modest collection of testimonials we’ve received.

The IBCT certification is a highly valued quality marker appreciated by our clients in the drilling industry. It provides the necessary standards both for our training process as well as the right conduct standards for all our trainers within the Lloyd Register Training Academy.

Jaap Peetsold

Technical Training Manager, Lloyd's Register, Netherlands

The Train the Trainer module (IBCT Certified Associate Trainer level) offered by the Trainsmart, Inc is excellent training for new trainers. For seasoned trainers, it gives good reminders and fresh perspectives on current habits and practices. The content is robust, yet simple. The facilitator was flexible, knowledgeable, and provided good constructive feedback.
The small class size also allowed for great collaboration, networking, and sharing of knowledge between participants. The practical sessions were most useful to me and the evaluation received has helped me to improve and hone my skills.
There is however an opportunity for enhancement in the after program follow up and communication regarding the finalization of the certifications offered through the program.

Janelle Hutcheson

Sales Training Manager, Aliv Business Collective

IBCT certified train-the-trainer programs are one of a kind. Staying certified keeps me on top of the game in the talent development industry.

Cees Vingerling

Director, Vingerling & Partners

Attending the post-graduate course “IBCT Certified Trainer” with IBCT (17 years ago!) was a very good choice in my career. As a manager, I learned that many managers are too busy with controlling spreadsheets and ‘try to let the grass grow faster by pulling it’. How to develop, coach and train people I learned with the IBCT. From strategic education, transfer of training, didactic skills and more were a part of this train-the-trainer program. I recommend the program!

Michel Van De Pas

Management Trainer, College Teacher and Entrepreneur, Netherlands

The IBCT train the trainer training was a very positive experience for our entire team. It gave us new perspectives on creating learning programs; by starting with strong objectives, using the ABCD method, or knowing your audience and their stage of learning, as well as potential cultural differences, when developing learning.

Steve Martin

Technical Curriculum Developer, Hyster-Yale Group, North Carolina – United States

As a train-the-trainer partner of IBCT in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are glad to stand out from the mass with more than 20 certified associate trainers and certified professional trainers. By applying the IBCT standards, our courses are practical, interesting and enjoyable.

Rick Strijbos

Director, Security Academy, Netherlands

The – IBCT certification – has also given me the confidence needed to walk in to a training with senior leaders knowing that I’d be seen as credible because of it.

Paulette D. Arthur

Senior Facilitator, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank - Bahamas

The International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) jump-started my career into the field of adult education. The material provided as well as the individual attention provided by my trainer gave me a rounded development, helping me realize my passion to not just give a man a fish but teach him to fish.
The IBCT is where my journey started for continuous learning and development of my skills. I know the IBCT can give you the tools to make a difference in the world.

MarK Pereira

Program Management & Trainer, Briljent, Indiana - United States

The train-the-trainer experience provided a depth of real-life resources including answers to questions my team needed to move our projects forward on day one, including how to pick the best design for our new eLearning template; action verbs for developing strong learning objectives; and tips for inspiring uninspired learners

Fani Lemken

Curriculum Developer, Hyster-Yale Group, North Carolina – United States

Becoming an IBCT Certified Professional Trainer was a game changer in my career.

Marc Stefan

Sales Manager, Aeroned, Netherlands

We share know-how, guide, supervise and train people in our study center based on Sustainable Human Resource Development Principles. Applying IBCT’s standards is like playing tennis not looking at the score panel. By focusing on the ball the result comes automatically.

Bert Schreuders

Director, Stomix Foundation, Suriname – South America

Building Qualified Trainers in Asia with High Standards by IBCT.

Dr. Surachai

Director, StepPlus-Training & Consulting, Thailand

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