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What Participants Say about our TOT Programs

We present here few samples of participants' testimonials and feedback!

We have had an astonishing journey of preparing, qualifying and certifying trainers since 1989. Here’s a modest collection of testimonials we’ve received.

The IBCT certification is a highly valued quality marker appreciated by our clients in the drilling industry. It provides the necessary standards both for our training process as well as the right conduct standards for all our trainers within the Lloyd Register Training Academy.

Jaap Peetsold

Technical Training Manager, Lloyd's Register, Netherlands

The Train the Trainer module (IBCT Certified Associate Trainer level) offered by the Trainsmart, Inc is excellent training for new trainers. For seasoned trainers, it gives good reminders and fresh perspectives on current habits and practices. The content is robust, yet simple. The facilitator was flexible, knowledgeable, and provided good constructive feedback.
The small class size also allowed for great collaboration, networking, and sharing of knowledge between participants. The practical sessions were most useful to me and the evaluation received has helped me to improve and hone my skills.
There is however an opportunity for enhancement in the after program follow up and communication regarding the finalization of the certifications offered through the program.

Janelle Hutcheson

Sales Training Manager, Aliv Business Collective

IBCT certified train-the-trainer programs are one of a kind. Staying certified keeps me on top of the game in the talent development industry.

Cees Vingerling

Director, Vingerling & Partners

Attending the post-graduate course “IBCT Certified Trainer” with IBCT (17 years ago!) was a very good choice in my career. As a manager, I learned that many managers are too busy with controlling spreadsheets and ‘try to let the grass grow faster by pulling it’. How to develop, coach and train people I learned with the IBCT. From strategic education, transfer of training, didactic skills and more were a part of this train-the-trainer program. I recommend the program!

Michel Van De Pas

Management Trainer, College Teacher and Entrepreneur, Netherlands

I feel the most important take away from the “Train the Trainer” program was the concept of DISC that helped me understand the four basic human styles i.e. Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and  Conscientiousness. Once one starts understanding the naturally built-in human trends and characters for yourself and others; that’s where one could be more effective in imparting knowledge, help develop a better relationship, rapport and empathize with others.

As a trainer, we can help other trainers understand this concept and the circle can get bigger and bigger with a domino effect and surely can help pave a path making the world a better place to live.

The reason why IBCT training is important to me is that I feel, once  I am certified IBCT trainer, I would like to be a contributor spreading the knowledge, be part of the  ‘Train the Trainer’  offerings around the world as I get better with my domain, teams, and people I work with.

Tanvir Ahmed

Agile SAFe coach, Worldwide virtual education group, New York, USA

The IBCT certification and training provided me a great deal of confidence when it came to
developing and designing curriculum. The skills combined with the language you learn to
incorporate into your training aided me with engaging high-level participants such as CEO’s,
directors, etc.

Carmona Ross, MA, MPA

Ph.D. student, Rochester, New York, USA

The Train-the-Trainer program was so fun and rewarding, because I got to meet other trainers with various levels of experience from all over the country. They shared tips with me from their experiences and gave me constructive feedback about my training to help me improve. I believe the IBCT certification is important, because it proves that you are qualified to train anywhere, not just in your own company.

Cathryn George

Customer Service Representative with Mueller, Charlotte, NC,USA

The IBCT train-the-trainer program was the perfect fit for me. As a keynote speaker and author, my focus has always been on the message; however, with my IBCT training, I learned that wasn’t enough. The skills and insights I learned from IBCT on how to get the message across effectively and with different learning styles in mind, makes my civility training far more engaging and robust. My own train-the-trainer instructor was outstanding! She, literally, modelled what she was teaching each moment of each day of the training. I’m proud to be certified by IBCT.

Diana Damron

Trainer, Consultant and Writer, Diana Damron Productions LLC, USA

I have now been recertified again for the period 2020-2023. This is the first time that I have applied for and gone through a recertification. Actually, I was a bit late in applying for the extension of my IBCT certification as a certified trainer and human resource development consultant. Partly caused by very busy work and actually just forgot to think about it. Fortunately, IBCT’s head office in Rotterdam was so attentive to me about the end of the first period as CT / HRDC. In the region where I work as an educational professional, however, it is desirable to show that the profession as a trainer and teacher is carried out from a qualified position. This region and especially the country of Suriname, where I live and work, requires professionals who take the lead in developing framework and training institutions. That is a large part of my work here in Suriname and I have been doing it for decades with a lot of dedication and passion.

A lot of new knowledge
As I have indicated above, the recertification is in order again. And I am already looking forward to the next recertification in 2023. Because what IBCT has succeeded very well with the way they think about certification is that I came out of this training with a good case and a bag of new knowledge. Not only that I had to think carefully about what I should work on in the next 3 years in order to further improve my own competences as a trainer, but the tailor-made course, which is part of the recertification, has also contributed a lot of new knowledge and knowledge that has already sunk away achieved.
Anyone who is also considering getting certified by IBCT, or (still) wants to follow the recertification, I recommend to take a look at their website. And of course, I am always open to share my experiences with IBCT upon request.

Bert Schreuders

AC, CT/HRDC, PhD candidate, South America, Paramaribo

The IBCT train the trainer training was a very positive experience for our entire team. It gave us new perspectives on creating learning programs; by starting with strong objectives, using the ABCD method, or knowing your audience and their stage of learning, as well as potential cultural differences, when developing learning.

Steve Martin

Technical Curriculum Developer, Hyster-Yale Group, North Carolina – United States

As a train-the-trainer partner of IBCT in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are glad to stand out from the mass with more than 20 certified associate trainers and certified professional trainers. By applying the IBCT standards, our courses are practical, interesting and enjoyable.

Rick Strijbos

Director, Security Academy, Netherlands

The – IBCT certification – has also given me the confidence needed to walk in to a training with senior leaders knowing that I’d be seen as credible because of it.

Paulette D. Arthur

Senior Facilitator, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank - Bahamas

The International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) jump-started my career into the field of adult education. The material provided as well as the individual attention provided by my trainer gave me a rounded development, helping me realize my passion to not just give a man a fish but teach him to fish.
The IBCT is where my journey started for continuous learning and development of my skills. I know the IBCT can give you the tools to make a difference in the world.

MarK Pereira

Program Management & Trainer, Briljent, Indiana - United States

Holding an Associate Trainer Certification from IBCT allows us to show our clients, our prospective clients and our internal stakeholders that we value and strive to attain the highest standards in training design, delivery and evaluation. It also speaks to the value that we, as a company, place on training and the quality and consistency that we aspire to achieve with our training programs.  IBCT trainer certification is an integral part of our overall training culture.

Dr. Brian Duff

STEMCELL Technologies, Vancouver, Canada

The Train-The*Trainer sharpened my trainer skills in many ways to prepare for the future.
Taking the boring classroom training to a new level. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

Gwynn M. Dillenburg

Lead Training Specialist, GP Pro, Georgia-Pacific, LLC, USA

The IBCT certified Train-the-Trainer program of TrainSmart is an effective way to prepare new and existing trainers to develop the skills and techniques necessary for effective training engagement and outcomes. The training gave us an opportunity to put what we learned into practice as well as receive immediate feedback and recommendations from our trainer and peers. It was a valuable learning experience that I am able to apply to my current job as a Clinical Trainer. I appreciate having the opportunity to attend this training as it helped prepare me to facilitate more effective trainings. The certification process exemplifies that I took the time to learn additional ways to enhance my method of teaching. It would be an honor to become certified as an IBCT Certified Professional Trainer as it helps elevate our competence and marketability in the field. Thank you for this great opportunity!

Colleen V. Santos, Psy.D

Behavioral Health Medical Management Trainer/Licensed Psychologist, USA

The IBCT training course was a phenomenal course for beginning or seasoned trainers.They had something to suite all learning types that make it a fun and knowledgeable experience.

I personally loved learning how to create a high level facilitator guide and learning the importance on how to make a connection to your audience to help deliver the most effective way for classroom comprehension

Salvatore LoBosco

Business Support Specialist -Sales & Service, Hiab USA Inc, USA

While continuing education and obtaining IBCT certification was a personal advancement goal, the opportunity to expand and share my knowledge is a driving factor for continuous improvement. The experience I had while acquiring certification was outstanding. I had a fantastic instructor who offered tools, knowledge, and inspiration that helped set the foundation necessary to establish clear objectives for myself and my learners. I am eager to move into the next chapter and see what develops. I encourage all to explore the option of IBCT certification as an excellent step in their journey.

Lauren Douglas

Executive Director Environmental Health & Safety, National Coatings & Supplies, Inc. (NCS) Raleigh, North Carolina

The train-the-trainer experience provided a depth of real-life resources including answers to questions my team needed to move our projects forward on day one, including how to pick the best design for our new eLearning template; action verbs for developing strong learning objectives; and tips for inspiring uninspired learners

Fani Lemken

Curriculum Developer, Hyster-Yale Group, North Carolina – United States

Becoming an IBCT Certified Professional Trainer was a game changer in my career.

Marc Stefan

Sales Manager, Aeroned, Netherlands

We share know-how, guide, supervise and train people in our study center based on Sustainable Human Resource Development Principles. Applying IBCT’s standards is like playing tennis not looking at the score panel. By focusing on the ball the result comes automatically.

Bert Schreuders

Director, Stomix Foundation, Suriname – South America

Building Qualified Trainers in Asia with High Standards by IBCT.

Dr. Surachai

Director, StepPlus-Training & Consulting, Thailand

I left the IBCT certified train-the-trainer program with many useful practices and resources that I plan to incorporate into my trainings moving forward.

Alex Marin

Educational Specialist, BayCare Health System, Florida, USA

Being a trainer means you have to be an expert on your subject matter and how to train it.  Receiving a certification through the IBCT demonstrates a commitment to being an expert at effective communication and instruction, which is an invaluable tool in the market.

Laura Fashoda

Director, National Training at City Winery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I applied for this training to get hands-on practical knowledge about and competence in training professionals. The training did indeed meet my expectations by providing both sufficient theoretical background as well as practical exercises. I will use the tools and methods presented in order to further develop my teaching skills. So, in all, it has been a good and useful training

Rick de Rooij LLM

Senior ICT Consultant, Verdonck, Klooster & Associates, Netherlands

Training others is not just a trainer telling information. It is a code of ethics and standards
of professional conduct to be followed by any trainer globally. And because delivering the
knowledge in a convincing method is my aim, I’ve chosen to certify myself as IBCT Associate
Trainer. I am glad to be the first UAE trainer certified by IBCT

Mahmood Rahma

Founder and CEO, Our Media Group - Dubai, UEA

The Train the Trainer class provides a solid foundation for learning and improving a wide range of training skills.  Some of the highlights were discovering how your own learning style impacts training design and determining how to best reach those with different styles.  The process of critiquing presentations was also invaluable. 

Becoming IBCT certified shows my commitment to this profession and demonstrates that I am willing to be held to a high standard.  I believe this will serve me well in today’s competitive market.

Laurie Friedrich

Business & Ind. Dept., Guilford Technical Community College, North Carolina, USA.

What I appreciated most about the Train-the-Trainer program was my ability to discover a hidden talent that I possess and that is the art of being able to give constructive and helpful criticism and feedback. Becoming a certified international trainer has always been a dream of mine and an accomplishment I have longed to achieve.
My desire to continue to grow in Human Resources Management and extension Training and Development is a personal and professional goal as I intend to help to develop people and talents within my company and my country as a whole.
I am passionate about passing on information and being a support whilst driving new skills and developing new skills within the people I am in contact with daily.
My goal is to continue to seek my hidden skills and daily develop them to be an asset to my company and the people around me but also to fulfil my personal accomplishments.

Kitchandra Penn-McDonald

Human Resources Director at Waterloo Hotel Management, Providenciales -Turks and Caicos Islands

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